Cricket Journalism Sucks

Q: Where do you go for cricket information if you aren’t an Indian nor do you care to please one?

A: You watch wrestling.

  • I mean it’s ridiculous. Here I am in Canada, using the Global edition of ESPN Cricinfo and all it does is feed me Indian cricket.
    I go to that site because I trust it. I am used to it. I impulsively visit it at least once a day. But with its new pro-Indian layout, I got to know about the 2nd New Zealand-South Africa test only on its third day. I knew more about Jadeja’s beard oil.
  • And don’t even get me started on its Live Commentary. If the commentators aren’t embarrassing enough, they take melodramatic comments from people who are either at work or going to one. Kind of nincompoops who would think of a cricketer’s average even while trying to have sex. And are proud of it.
  • And then there is Cricbuzz. Yes, it has Michael Vaughan but he is not himself there. Go check his podcasts where he isn’t talking about India to see what I am talking about.
    On top of that, the site is slow and it has Harsha Bhogle, the poster boy/godfather of this -> 😬 and this ->🤢 cricket media.
  •  Where do you go?
    English news sites only care about their guys if they ever care about cricket.
    Pakistani sites don’t even respect their guys.
    Aussies aren’t too good at this thing.
    Kiwis don’t care.
    Others are too insignificant.
  • And then there are the YouTubers. But it’s the same problem there. There is either substance-less Indian/South Asian content or non-Indian but pro-Indian content.
  • I’m looking for a good Global cricket information website. A site not catered to just the biased Indian fanbase. I have nothing against India. I love India. I hate the Bollywood and hero-worshiping side of it though. I prefer Satyajit Ray.
    Cricket is turning into Bollywood. I mean, yes it will make some money but will end up with no substance. Watch some of the highest-grossing Bollywood movies if you don’t believe me. They are still trying to preserve realcricket through test cricket, right?
  • That’s why wrestling is fun although way silly. At least, you find credible sites/guys telling what’s wrong and the crowd boo even The Rock.